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Merit Badge Program

Procedures for Earning Online Merit Badges
  1. Any Scout may complete a portion of any merit badge online.

  2. Outdoor-oriented merit badges should not be earned completely online.

  3. The Scout should obtain a blue card from the unit leader and fill it out to the best of their ability. If the Scout is unable to obtain a blue card and unit leader signature, then the unit leader may email approval to the Scout and the Scout’s parent in a single email (no one-on-one contact).

  4. For online clinics: The Scout should inform the unit leader of the name of the sponsoring council.

  5. For online counselors (not clinics) outside of Three Harbors Council: The Scout should inform the unit leader of the counselor’s name and contact information. The unit leader must contact the counselor’s council to make sure the counselor is registered and trained. The unit leader should remind the Scout that they must have a buddy present when communicating with the counselor.

  6. The counseling must be conducted via video conferencing. Conference calls are not allowed.

  7. All requirements must be fulfilled as written. “Show,” “demonstrate,” “describe, “make,” “list,” etc. are to be taken literally.

  8. After the requirements are completed, the counselor should email their approval to the Scout and the unit leader in a single email. Questions should be directed to Jim Nelsen, Three Harbors Council Merit Badge Dean.

Merit Badge Counselor Directory Council Contacts
Gina Hannemann
Special Clinic Requirements Clinic Photos

Electricity Merit Badge Clinic Requirement:
Watch this video prior to clinic

Community Opportunities

Merit Badge Clinics for Scouts

  • Three Harbors Council offers several merit badge clinics to its Scouts.
  • All clinics require pre-registration. Walk-ins are not allowed. (Ensures that all Scouts have the necessary materials and receive the best clinic instruction possible)
 Upcoming Merit Badge Clinics

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