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Embodying everything Scouting is about, participating in the product sale program teaches Scouts: Responsibility, Bravery, Family, Entrepreneurship, Communication, Thriftiness and so much more! Selling popcorn and wreaths is also a great way for your unit to fund future adventures, camp and fund unit activities! Our partners, Pecatonica River Popcorn, Noble Valley Farms and Northwoods Wreaths, offer unmatched product lineup and unparalleled customer service that is a perfect match for our council and you,

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Wreath Sales Advisor
(414) 443-2860

Popcorn Sales Advisor  
Nathan Rackers
(414) 443-2845

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Product Sale Contacts

Aurora District

District Popcorn Kernel

Amy Bent

District Wreath Wrangler


District Executive

Jackie Lollis 414.443.2850

District Executive

Richard Nwabuzor 414.443.2858


Red Arrow District

District Popcorn Kernel/Wreath Wrangler

Jenny Dahlen



District Executive

Austin Gulbrandson



Southern Shores District

District Popcorn Kernel/Wreath Wrangler

Mary Jackson



District Director

Nathan Rackers



Council Staff

Wreath Staff Advisor

Austin Gulbrandson


Popcorn Staff Advisor

Nathan Rackers 414.443.2845

Council Kernel

Sean Waiss

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