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Complete History of Silver Beaver Recipients for Three Harbors Council, Milwaukee County Council and Southeast Wisconsin Council




The Silver Beaver Award is given by the National Council, Boy Scouts of America upon recommendation of the local council to persons who have given outstanding service to youth over an extended period of time. The local council presents a limited number of Silver Beaver Awards each year, according to the number of registered units in the council.
This award is bestowed upon only those persons who have given continued, unselfish and effective service to the community, usually through the programs of the Boy Scouts of America, but not limited to Scouting. Because individuals may not nominate themselves for this award, only those persons who have been nominated by their Scouting peers are considered.
The Silver Beaver Award is the highest recognition a local council can bestow upon volunteer leaders. Districts cannot be guaranteed that they will have someone selected for this award. There is not a district allocation. That said, every consideration will be made when there are district volunteers equally qualified for selection.

It is the intent of the Silver Beaver Committee to select the most deserving based on the applications submitted. All volunteers are encouraged to attend, especially those receiving the Silver Beaver Award, along with those close to them.

For additional information or questions, contact Wally Smith at (414) 443-2844

Past Silver Beaver Recipients

Kevin Haass 2024
Edwin Herreid 2024
Donna Jaworski 2024
Erik Kakulis 2024
Floyd Aprill 2023
Laura Lane 2023
Richard Rognsvoog 2023
Bryan Albrecht, ED.D. 2022
Nancy Lalla 2022
William Sharp 2022
Ryan Spellecy 2022
Mark Faber 2021
Heather Kosloske 2021
Katrina Scheck 2021
Rhett Suhre 2021
Dr. Robert Chayer 2020
Dr. Kenneth Harris, Jr. 2020
Harvey Kansaku 2020
William Korducki 2020
Thomas Schmitt 2020
Lisa Sharp 2020
Robert Sholl 2020
Timothy Vaccaro 2020
Dr. David Calderwood 2019
Herb Katt 2019
Bob Lane 2019
Steen Larsen 2019
Rev. John McVicker, Sr. 2019
Ray Erbe 2018
Bob  Frick 2018
Gina Hannemann 2018
Jeff Mantes 2018
Frank Russ 2018
Frederick Seeger 2018
Dan Tranchita 2018
Father Mark Carr 2017
Lori Holz 2017
Amy Kansaku 2017
Dave Loosen 2017
Kathy Myszewski 2017
John Unger 2017
Bob Farrell 2016
Richard Galling 2016
Deborah Jacob 2016
Jeremy Laffin 2016
Linda Mersenski 2016
John Reese 2016
Paul Sullivan 2016
Tim Aikens 2015
Tom Brzezicki 2015
Steve Faller 2015
Frank Humpal 2015
Robert Moreland 2015
Mike Barczak 2014
Brian Boehm 2014
Dennis Carney 2014
Robert Gross 2014
Chris Layden 2014
James Lousier 2014
John (Jack) Marshall 2014
Guenter Wiedemann 2014
Charles Berard 2013
Pam Bradley 2013
Jeff Kitzman 2013
Carl Lederhaus 2013
Ken Penge, Jr. 2013
Tim Seipel 2013
Joe Sief 2013
Sean Waiss 2013
Bernadette Barczak 2012
Roger Heffron 2012
Carl Heigl 2012
Tim Hush 2012
Elmer Lorenzen 2012
Robert McDowell 2012
Dave Mokros 2012
Lamont Williams 2012
C. Judley Wyant 2012

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