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Now you can place orders for Scouts BSA, Cub Scout, and Leader UNIFORMS as well as Advancements and Program materials. Order Online and Pick-up Curbside or In-Store. We ship too!



Scouters, Start Your Engines!!!

The new Pinewood Derby Season is right around the bend, are you ready?!  When it comes to Pinewood, we're your Pit Stop!  Race on in today to come take a look at all of the NEW Pinewood Derby kit that came in!  We have a whole new line up of Decals, Sound Effects, Lights, and Car Kits to give you the edge on this year's competition!  These things are roaring both on and off of our shelves, so get yours while you can!


Speaking of Pinewood, last year we had more than one person ask if we were going to be holding a Cut Day at the Store for Pinewood Derby cars.  Unfortunately, that never ended up happening largely due to the fact that there was a Management shift at that time and there just wasn't enough time to throw one together.  This year shall be different!  We are VERY MUCH planning on holding 1, if not 2 Cut Days this season, however we need a little bit of help with this!

We are in need of some tools and some volunteers to make this happen!  We would be looking to have access to a Belt/Power Sander, hand held Jig Saws, Dremmels, a Band Saw, and volunteers who would be willing to operate them.  If this is something that you would be able/willing to help with, PLEASE contact Ryan @ the Scout Shop for more info!


This Year's Uniform Deal!

The new Scouting Season is upon us!!!

Have your and/or your Scouts outgrown your Uniforms?  Are you crossing over into Tiger, Webelos or Scouts BSA?  Or are you new to the program and have NO idea where to get started?

No worries, we've got your back!  If you come in between now and October 29th to buy a Uniform Shirt, we will knock off 10% on the matching set of bottoms!

Why the bottoms you may ask?  First and foremost, you don't want to ruin school clothes at a Scout outing.  Our uniform bottoms are built to take the punishment AND will spare those nice pants for school.  Not only that, but the pants are Switchbacks, so you get both shorts AND pants in one shot.  Pants not your style?  The Cub Scout Shorts are super light-weight and make an excellent alternative to swim trunks!  For the young ladies we have additional options with capris and skorts!  We've got bottoms for any occasion!

If your Unit "doesn't wear the pants", be the first!  Break the mold, stand out from the rest of your Unit by looking your best in a COMPLETE Uniform!  Don't ruin your scouts good clothes in the great outdoors, punish these.  They're made for it!


 Graphic Tee Sale!!!

Just in time for the new Season and School year!  Come in anytime before the end of October and get 20% off select Scouts BSA Graphic Tee's!  Perfect for a Class B at your next Scout outing or for showing your Scout Spirit outside of the program!  Get yours while they last!


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