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Youngtimers, BSA

A group of retired individuals who have NOT retired from SCOUTING.

Founded in 1972 this group is a service organization consisting of men and women who have retired from professional life. As members of this organization, each seeks to volunteer in a wide variety of projects and activities. Central to membership has been a life long dedication to Scouting. All have accumulated a variety of Scout related responsibilities and positions over many years. These veteran Scouters represent a cadre of volunteers whose on-going Youngtimers BSA yearly activities encompass such things as:

  1. Participating in a themed Summer Picnic
  2. Volunteering at Feeding America
  3. Service Center cleanup projects
  4. Supporting Council Staff in daily operations to serve the community



In the early 1970’s the desire for continued service to Scouting in Milwaukee beyond the normal commitments many had made to Troops and Scouting motivated Albert Krahn and his son Arden to create an informal organization that promoted “fun, fellowship, and service”. Over the past 50 years this group of volunteers expanded to encompass an average of 30-40 members.

Significantly, Youngtimers membership remains relatively stable. But the skills these dedicated individuals brought to their current volunteer work mirrors both the technological and professional changes resident in society.

The overarching objective of Youngtimers BSA is “to provide support and service to the Scouting Movement and to the community” at large. This evolving collective of talent provides a valuable resource for the Council.

Members possess experience that range from:

  • Skilled trades to pragmatic problem solving
  • Business management/ownership to law enforcement/public safety
  • Education/post graduate teaching to medical practice/health care
  • Practical experiential wisdom derived from a fully lived life
  • And increasingly, technical knowledge, and resource management
The cognitive resources resident in Youngtimers membership is a storehouse of practical experience, technical expertise, and tested academic knowledge. Youngtimers BSA represents a “reservoir” of well over 500 years of accumulated life-long learning dedicated to enhancing the lives of youth in our community.



From it’s beginning, Youngtimers has contributed sweat, money, equipment, and creative talents to a wide range of projects. From maintaining and repairing equipment throughout Council properties; Youngtimer volunteers have saved Council resources and stretched limited funding. As active seniors each Youngtimer seeks to pay back to the Movement benefits that their sons (and families) have received from participating in Scouting related activities.

Youngtimers recruits only retired Scouters to become members. The theory here is that having achieved the freedom of choice that retirement provides, many individuals seek to find a group of fun-loving people committed to meaningful volunteer work. It is our belief that these individuals should naturally want to become a Youngtimer!



Youngtimers BSA meets once a month at Three Harbors Council Milwaukee office before noon for lunch, an informative Speaker of the Month, and review of a packed business agenda. There are fees associated to membership but costs are kept low to support limited retirement income. There is an Annual Christmas Party and Summer Picnic that celebrates Youngtimer achievements. Members participate in a range of service activities throughout the year and actively seek ways in which the Council can use their talents.

Being a Youngtimer does not mean being a passive recipient of praise. Having achieved Elder Status in the community of Scouters still entails contributing to the Movement that molded them. One stays Young when one impacts the lives of Youth.

Three Harbors Council, BSA  I  330 South 84th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53214-1468