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Youth Leader Training

Leadership development is one of the methods by which we deliver the Scouting adventure to youth. Scouting is a place where young people can learn to lead in a safe, low-risk environment. There are many leadership training courses available to the young men and women in Scouting.


Youth Leadership Training Opportunities

The following courses make up the basic, intermediate and advanced leadership training courses available to all Boy Scouts, Venturers and Seas Scouts. Each step must be completed before being able to move on to the next training experience.

Introduction to Leadership Skills

Introduction to Leadership Skills (ILS) is available in three program-specific varieties: for troops, crews and ships. ILS provides introductory leadership skills for youth in Boy Scouting, Venturing and Sea Scouting. The course is taught at the unit level and is led by older and more experienced youth. Youth are introduced to the skills of leadership and the tools they will use to implement their vision of adventure and leadership in their role as a youth leader in their unit. ILS is a prerequisite for Scouts to participate in more advanced leadership courses such as National Youth Leadership Training. Course syllabi are available at

National Youth Leadership Training

The National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) conference is a leadership training course delivered by the council to help youth further develop their capacity as leaders. The leadership skills introduced in ILS are developed in greater detail and the week-long training delivers the skills by modelling a month in the life os a Scouting unit. Youth who function in leaderhip roles in their unit will benefit from the experiences developed in this course. For more informationabout Three Harbors Council's NYLT course, please visit

National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience

The National Advanced Youth Leaderhip Experience (NAYLE) is an advanced youth leadership training program offered at each of the four national high adventure bases. NAYLE helps Scouts expand upon the team-building and ethical decision-making skills learned in NYLT. Participation in NAYLE requires prior completion of NYLT and unit leader approval. For more information, visit


    Additional Training for Youth Leaders

    Den Chief Training

    Boy Scouts wishing to become den chiefs should take den chief training. They will learn about the responsibilities and tasks of being a den chief, the den chief's relationship to the adult den leaders and how that relates to the the den chief's activities within the den. Den leaders are also welcome to take this course to learn about how the den chief program can work for the benefit of the Scouts in their dens.
    Please go to to take training online.

    Venturing Goal Setting & Time Management

    This course is for Venturers and provides a fun, interactive learning experience in learning Time Management in a in a 3 ½ hour time period. Completing this training module fulfills the Venturing Discovery Award requirement for the Goal Setting and Time Management training course. Find the course syllabus here.

    Mentoring for Venturing

    This course is for Venturers and provides an interactive learning experience on Mentorings. Completing this training module fulfills the Venturing Summit Award requirement for the Mentoring training course. Find the course syllabus here.

    Sea Scout Experience Advanced Leadership Training

    The Sea Scout Experience Advanced Leadership (SEAL) training program is designed to teach Sea Scouts leadership skills while underway. SEAL is designed to “jump start” the junior leaders of new ships and to fine tune leaders of experienced ships. It is physically and mentally demanding, and a remarkably rewarding hands-on leadership experience. For more Sea Scout youth training information, click here.

    NYLT Leadership Academy

    The NYLT Leadership Academy trains youth NYLT staff to be top-notch presenters, evaluators and leaders of their councils' NYLT courses. This intensive one-week course will improve NYLT course knowledge and problem-solving skills, which will help them run world-class programs. More information can be found here.


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