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Scouting at Home MAY CHALLENGE


All Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA from any council are invited to earn the Scouting at Home Patch.  It's easy, just follow and accomplish the requirements listed below each week during the month of May.
  • Cub Scouts:select an Adventure to earn from Trek A or Trek B (scroll down to view both Treks)
  • Scouts BSA: participate in their troop and work on selecting a Merit Badge to work on
Challenge Completed by May 31st
  • Scouts who completed the Scouting at Home Challenge can order their patch.
  • Leaders can purchase the Scouting at Home patch for their collection.

Questions: contact Katie Schneider at (414) 443-2842 or
GOAL Earn "I'll do It Myself" Adventure Earn "Family Stories" Adventure Earn "Adventures in Coins" Adventure Earn "Marble Madness" Adventure Earn "Game Design" Adventure Participation and Advancement
WEEK 1 Make and use a Lion Scout bag and hanger for personal Scouting gear. Discuss with your parent/guardian, a family member, or other caring adult where some of your family members originated. Discuss family history, traditions, and culture—your family heritage. Share the story. Identify different parts of a coin. Discuss with your family or den the history of marbles, such as where and when the game began. Talk about the different sizes of marbles and what they are made of and used for. Decide on the elements for your game. Participate in a Troop virtual meeting.
WEEK 2 Make a personal care checklist. Make a family tree designed for your particular family. Find the mint mark on a coin. Identify the mint where the coin was made and the year. Learn about three different marble games, and learn to play one of them. Learn how to keep score. Learn and follow the rules of the game. Play the game with your family, friends, or your den. List at least five of the online safety rules that you put into practice while using the Internet on your computer or smartphone. Skip this if your Cyber Chip is current. Earn the Cyber Chip or take an online merit badge clinic
WEEK 3 Practice tying shoelaces. Make a family crest. Choose a coin that interests you, and make a coin rubbing. List information next to the coin detailing the pictures on it, the year it was made, and the mint where it was made. Learn four or five words that are used when talking about marbles. Tell what each of the words means and how it relates to playing marbles. Share this information with your den. Create your game Take an online virtual tour of a national park or museum.
WEEK 4 Learn about summer programs that are available.

Interview one of your grandparents or another family elder, and share with your den what you learned.

Play a game or create a game board with your den or family where you can practice adding and subtracting coins. With your den or family, make a marble obstacle course or marble golf course. Share what you create. Invite everyone to go through your course. Teach an adult or another Scout how to play your game. Select an elective merit badge (not Eagle required) that you would enjoy taking. Ask your Scoutmaster for assistance with finding a merit badge counselor.


GOAL Earn "Gizmos & Gadgets" Adventure Earn "Rolling Tigers" Adventure Earn "Germs Alive" Adventure Earn "Roaring Laughter" Adventure Earn 'Movie Making" Adventure
WEEK 1 Explore properties of motion. With your den or parent/guardian or other caring adult, try on safety gear you should use while riding a bike. Show how to wear a bicycle helmet properly. Make a clean room chart, and do your chores for at least one week. Think about what makes you laugh. Write down three things that make you laugh. Write a story outline describing a real or imaginary Scouting adventure. Create a pictured storyboard that shows your story.
WEEK 2 Explore properties of force. With your den or parent/guardian/other caring adult, learn and demonstrate safety tips to follow when riding a bicycle.  Learn and demonstrate Proper hand signals. Play Germ Magnet with your den or your family. Wash your hands afterward. Practice reading tongue twisters. Create either an animated or live action movie about yourself. Your movie should depict how you live by the Scout Oath and Scout Law.
WEEK 3 Use household materials to create a useful object. With your den or parent/guardian or other caring adult, do a safety check on a bicycle. Conduct the sneeze demonstration and  Wash your hands while singing the “germ song.” Create your own short story. Remove some nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs from the story, leaving blanks. Without telling the story, have a friend insert his or her own nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs in the story you created. Share your movie with your family, den, or pack.
WEEK 4 Earn the Adventure and learn about summer programs that are available Identify two jobs that use bicycles and discuss how they are used. Conduct the mucus demonstration with your den or family. With a partner, play a game that makes you laugh. Earn Cyber Chip.



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