Three Harbors Council, BSA
330 South 84th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53214-1468

Council Committees

Advancement Committee

The Advancement Committee is responsible for all rank advancement rules and regulations for the council. The committee provides support of training for new advancement procedures or updates to rank requirements. The committee is also responsible for handling special circumstances such as Eagle Scout deadline extensions and waivers or alternative rank requirements for Scouts with special needs.
Committee Chair:

Camping Committee

The Camping Committee is tasked with developing and implementing year-round camping procedures and developing outdoor programs for summer and year-round use at camp.
Committee Chair:

Campmaster Corps

Campmasters assist units at camp with check-in, check-out and other needs throughout their stay at camp. Campmasters are needed to serve at camp each weekend camps are open for rentals.
Campmaster Coordinator

Properties Committee

The Properties Committee is responsible for building and maintenance at Three Harbors Council camps. The committee works with the Camping Committee to create and maintain new program features for summer and year-round camping.
Committee Chair

Scout Heritage Museum Committee

The Scout Heritage Museum Committee gathers, catalogs and curates the Scout Heritage Museum located inside the Milwaukee Scout Service Center. The committee also hosts the Trade-O-Ree each November.
Committee Chair:
Wally Wolak

Shooting Sports Committee

The Shooting Sports Committee is responsible for creating and enforcing the standard operating procedures for all council shooting sports activities. The committee holds various training lessons and coordinates shooting sports activities at district and council events.

Training Committee

The Training Committee coordinates and hosts all council training initiatives, including training such as adult leader-specific training, Wood Badge, National Youth Leadership Training, Youth Protection and many more.
Committee Chair:


Three Harbors Council, Boy Scouts of America  I  330 South 84th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53214-1468