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Purchase Camp Cards for Frontline Heroes:

Help our frontline heroes using our 2022 Camp Cards! To honor those who have sacrificed so much during this pandemic, Three Harbors Council will deliver camp cards purchased by our community to local frontline workers. Each card donated online will be delivered to a frontline worker at the conclusion of the 2022 sale.

How Will the Frontline Hero Sale Also Benefit Units?

  • Between April 1st and June 1st, send friends, family & others to the website and encourage them to select your district and unit.
  • When it is safe to do so, we will deliver the camp cards you have sold as part of this campaign to Frontline Heroes by going to a hospital, grocery store, fire station, etc.
  • The commission of $2.50 per card sold through our website will be placed in your unit’s account or a check will be mailed for earned commission.
  • Scouts can also directly sell Frontline Hero camp cards. They simply collect the money for the card and notify the Council on their unit tracking sheet of the purchase upon settlement of their sale.
If you would like to purchase Camp Cards for our Frontline Heroes, please click the link starting April 1st.
Click here to purchase/donate Camp Cards for
Frontline Heroes



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