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Wood Badge Training Weekend #1

Wood Badge Training Weekend #1
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Indian Scout Reservation 37516 Forest Drive
Oconomowoc, WI 53066, US
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Course Overview
Participants will be presented with the opportunity to strengthen skills through hands on activities, lectures, and games. 

Some topics include: 
- Project Planning 
- Problem Solving and Decision making
- Leveraging Diversity 
- Listening
- Managing Conflict
- Coaching and Mentoring
- Communicating
- Understanding Generational Differences
- Self Assessments
- Team Development

History of the Course 
Imagine if you will a  leader,  in the year 1919, with a  dream to supply adults  with materials that would be beneficial to self, family, Scouting Units, Districts and Council that would still be striving  just 99  years later.   
Though Wood Badge has evolved to meet the ever changing world of technology, innovation, and the needs of families in this century, it continues to be the ultimate training experience of Scouting  today.   

The Wood Badge experience develops ones skills to better improve the Unit, while also developing skills that can be beneficial to ones life outside of Scouting as well. 

Who May Attend Wood Badge
Wood Badge is for ALL leaders and Pro-fessional Scouters in the Boy Scouts of America.   

Each participant who attends Wood Badge must be a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America, and must have completed the basic training cours-es for their Scouting position. 
What One Can Expect?
The Wood Badge Training Course is six days long.  We have broken it into two weekends.  It is devised into two main parts, PRACTICAL and APPLICATION. 
The practical portion covers the aims and methods of Scouting, leadership skills, organizational tools and participatory ac-tivities based on the team development strategies. 
The application part of  Wood Badge is a period of  18 months following the Course  during which time the participants practice and demonstrate a working knowledge of the leadership principles presented during the Course.  This is accomplished by the use of the Wood Badge “ticket”, which represents the participant’s commitment to complete a set of personal goals related to their Scouting position. These goals will significantly strengthen the program in which the participant/participants youth is involved in. 
$275.00 per Participant

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