Re-Charter is the annual paperwork process where membership expires or is renewed Council-wide by pack, troop, team, or crew. There are three re-charter months: December, January, and February.  Districts are assigned a month to re-charter.
Re-charter by District:
  • December: Gateway, Heart of Milwaukee, Polaris
  • January: Fox River
  • February: Iron Horse, Lighthouse, Root River, Southshore

How To Guide for Internet Re-chartering

For more information about the re-charter, please contact your District Executive.

Fox River - Jon Schlenske

Gateway District - Wally Smith

Heart of MIlwaukee District - Carnel Towns

Iron Horse District - Larry Danner

Lighthouse - Mary Kveton

Polaris District - Owen Myers

Root River District - Wally Smith

Southshore District - Jon Schlenske


For specific questions about the Charter, contact Karla Langoehr at (414) 443-2877 or via email Karla Langoehr.

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