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Popcorn Vendor Registration

This guide goes over frequently asked questions in regards to navigating and completing certain required tasks in Scout Boss. 

First Steps: 

  • Go to 
  • Click on “My Account” 
  • Click on “Create Unit Profile” 
  • Enter your Council Key (provided by your council) 
  • Choose your District from the dropdown menu 
  • Choose your unit type from the dropdown menu  
  • Choose your unit number from the dropdown menu 
  • Enter a username for the account (this does not need to be an email address as in previous years, but must be unique) 
  • Enter a Password for the account 
  • Enter the remaining profile information including the email address where all confirmation emails for the account will be sent. 
  • Click “Submit"

How to Access My Account? 

  • Click on “My Account”
  • Enter in your username and password 
  • Once in the system, you will see your dashboard

How to Update My Profile? 

  • Click on “Unit User” in the top right hand corner of the screen. 


  • Your profile information will display.  

  • To update or change your profile, click “Edit Profile.”  

  • If you would like to change your password, click “Change Password.” 

How to Place an Order? 

  • Click “New Order” on the Dashboard

  • Choose what type of order you are entering (Take Order/Show n Sell) as well as pick up location

  • You will then be able to enter in your order.   
  • Remember: 
  • Show n Sell orders = enter in as cases (If you are unsure of how many containers are in a case per product, please see “Helpful Tips” on PRPopcorn home page.) 
  • Take Orders = enter in as containers 
  • At the bottom of the order form, you have the ability to add any notes/comments to the order.  
  • Click “Submit Order” to place your order

How to Edit/View an Order? 

  • Click “Manage Orders” on the Dashboard

  • Here you will see a list of orders you have placed

  • You can only edit an order if the order status says “Submitted by Unit.”  Once your order is approved by District, Council, or PRP you will no longer be able to edit your order   

  • If you are able to edit your order, click on “Details” and then “Edit Order” 

Here you are able to change the quantities and any notes that were added

  • Once finished, click “Submit Order

How to Enter/View/Edit a Scout for Online Sales (Seller ID)? 

  • Click “Scout Seller IDs” on the Dashboard
  • A list of Scouts with current online Seller ID’s will populate  

  • You do not have to enter a Scout every year for a new Seller ID.  Scouts can use the same ID year after year while with this unit

  • To add a new Scout, enter in the required fields (white boxes at the top): 

  • First Name 

  • Last Name (we only need the first two letters of his/her last name) 

  • Parent/Guardian email address 

  • Click “Add.”  A random Seller ID will be populated and an email will be sent to the parent/guardian letting them know their Scout’s Seller ID. 

  • You may edit a Scout’s information by clicking on “Edit.” 

  • Only a Scout’s first/last name and email can be edited.  **The Seller ID cannot be changed** 

  • If a Scout is no longer selling popcorn, you may inactivate him/her which will hide all information tied to that Scout.  If at any time you need to view that Scout’s information again you simply click on “Inactive Scouts.” 

How to Enter a Scout into the Winner’s Circle? 

  • Click “Winners Circle” on the Dashboard

  • Select the Scout’s name you want to enter into the Winners Circle

  • Scouts are added through the Scout Seller ID process (please see above)

Click “Submit” 

Type in the above information 

  • Invoice period (Season and year) 
  • Total dollars Scout sold 
  • Prize choice
  • Worksheet verification (this can be a photo of the Take Order sheet, excel document, or anything that shows the total sales for this Scout) 
  • Zip code 
  • Name of person picking up prize 
  • Email of person picking up prize 
Click “Submit” 

How do I Tabulate My Order? 

  • Click “Worksheet Tool” on the Dashboard

  • Select the blue “Download Worksheet Tool” link

  • Save the excel file anywhere on your device

  • Once file is open, enter in the Unit information, Scout names, and product quantities that each Scout sold 

  • The totals at the bottom of the page are what you enter into the popcorn order form to place your popcorn order

What is Included in the Top Header?  


  • Select at any time to go back to the dashboard  

Sales Season 

  • Add/edit/view any orders placed during the fundraiser year
  • Commit to each order type (Show n Sell or Take Order)
  • Print an invoice 


  • Add/view all Scouts 
  • Edit Scouts information
  • Enter in Winners Circle prize
  • Activate/inactivate Scouts 


  • Pick Tickets
  • Online Invoices (online sales per Scout) 
  • Remaining Balance  
  • Sales Summary 


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