Camp Ammon is a distinctive service camp located at the Wisconsin State Fair Park in West Allis, WI. Running annually during the Fair, Camp Ammon allows you freedom, fun and the opportunity to explore new friendships. At Camp Ammon, you can enjoy sand volleyball, dances, movies, an above ground swimming pool, video games and more. Focusing on service, you will gain a unique perspective of the Wisconsin State Fair -access to concerts and main stage  shows, interaction with fairgoers, the State Fair administration and more.
A minimal registration fee provides you with the Camp Ammon uniform shirt, hat, lodging and three daily meals. Sponsored by the Three Harbors Council - Boy Scouts of America and the Wisconsin State Fair, eligible boys and girls who are at least 13 years old and registered as a Boy Scout, Venturer or Explorer are invited to join the party ... the experience... of Ammon!

August 1-13, 2018

Registration Forms: 
  • New Camper Letter
  • Returning Camper Letter
  • Staff Application
  • Medical Form (required)
Who Can Attend:
  • Campers: Ages 14-17
  • Staff: Age 18 ON or BEFORE the first day of Camp
Wisconsin State Fair Park next to Gate #9 at South 77th Street and W. Pierce Street, from 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday - Noon on Monday
Contact Us:
Email Contact:
During Camp Phone Number: 
  • In operation from 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday -Noon on Monday.
  • This is our PRIMARY business line. 
  • ONLY phone calls from family are allowed.
  • Duration of calls are limited.

Why Camp Ammon?

The question should be why NOT Camp Ammon? You do not have to be with your troop to attend; units are welcome, but you can attend as an individual to participate in the fun, and be free to explore new friendships with people from all over the state of Wisconsin.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. “Can Parents Visit?” Certainly! Visits should be coordinated through your youth participant’s Tent Leader and based on duty scheduling and free-time availability. There is a special night for visitors; it includes our Talent Night and corn roast. If visitors plan to attend this event, arrangements should be coordinated through the youth participant and their Tent Leader. (The Talent Night date is yet to be determined; you will receive more information at check-in).
  2. Can I bring food, radios, mp3 players or a cell phone?” – CARRY-IN FOOD, SODA, and SNACKS are NOT PERMITTED. We have a full service commissary available for snacks and beverages. Large Radios, MP3 Players, iPods, Cell Phones, etc… ARE NOT ALLOWED IN CAMP! The camp DOES NOT accept responsibility for lost or stolen items. CELL PHONES ARE NOT ALLOWED AT ANY TIME!
  3. What are the accommodations like?” – We sleep in large 20 x 40 “circus” type tents on military style cots. For restroom facilities, we utilize our own modular shower and toilet trailer.
  4. What can I use to store my gear?” – A sturdy footlocker with a good quality padlock is required (combination locks are preferred). Remember… you are CAMPING; footlockers get banged up due to the elements and daily movement. CAMP AMMON IS NOT RESPOSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS. Please take the time to place your name on your clothing and other personal items, especially shoes, towels and toiletry items.
  5. What activities are there?” – Duties can include: ushering at entertainment venues, admission ticket scanning, handing out brochures, crowd control, lost & found assistance, special State Fair events, administrative duties, etc… Off duty activities include: organized game competitions, volleyball, ping-pong, above-ground swimming pool, bocce ball, video games, dances, Talent Show & Corn Roast, Flag Retirement Ceremony, and much, much more!
  6. What about uniforms?” – We provide one uniform polo shirt and one hat. Additional uniform shirts and Ammon t-shirts (used for rain uniform) are reasonably priced and are available at check-in as quantities permit. Uniform pants include: dark colored or khaki dress pants, Boy Scout slacks/shorts or appropriate shorts and skirts. GYM SHORTS or ATHLETIC WEAR is not acceptable for uniform dress. These items can be worn off-duty. From time to time, Scouts are asked to work in the Administrative areas of the Fair, these assignments will include contact with State Fair and Governmental Officials, including the Governor of the State of Wisconsin. PLEASE bring clothing and footwear that is appropriate for these types of duty assignments. Clean and presentable shoes and socks are required when on duty. Make sure your duty shoes and clothing are comfortable.
  7. How much money should I bring?” – The amount of money needed is up to you, however, use good judgment. Allow enough to purchase fair food and souvenirs, go on rides, or make other purchases on the fair. ALL campers are encouraged to use our Camp Bank, which is located at the Camp Ammon office.
  8. Can I leave the camp during the fair?” – With the exception of pre-approved arrangements to attend family functions and/or school registration, participants must remain at Camp or at their duty assignments. In the event that a participant must leave the fairgrounds, a parent, legal guardian, or pre-approved designee over age 21, MUST sign the camp participant out of Camp through our office, with the respective Tent Leaders approval.
  9. Can I bring a car to camp?” – No, we have very limited parking and unfortunately cannot allow youth participants to bring any vehicles.


Weather: BRING RAIN GEAR! The unpredictability of the Wisconsin weather requires this! Please make sure your raingear is sturdy enough to keep your clothing dry and withstand extended exposure to the elements. Umbrellas and plastic rain ponchos do not provide substantial protection from the elements, a proper raincoat or rain suit is recommended.
Medication: Our office MUST be informed of any allergies and prescription or non-prescription medications used by our participants. Please list allergies and medications on the back of your Camp Ammon application. All medications will be handed in to the office at check-in and kept in a secure area and not in the tent with your child’s personal gear.
Dance Event: We have a Final Dance at the end of the fair and semi-formal attire is optional for this event. Should you choose to wear semi-formal attire for this dance, we suggest that it be brought in a day or two before the Final Dance on the last Saturday.
Personal Property: Make certain that your name is on ALL items that you bring to Camp. CAMP AMMON CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS. A Lost & Found is maintained in our Camp Commissary throughout the duration of the Fair. Unclaimed items are kept for 30 days. Afterward, they are donated to an appropriate agency. Our Camp Office provides a basic banking service in order to avoid storing cash in footlockers. A low cost laundry service is
provided for the convenience of our participants. CARRY-IN FOOD, SODA, and SNACKS are not permitted. Large Radios, MP3 Players, iPods, Cell Phones, etc… ARE NOT ALLOWED IN CAMP! Cell phones are NOT allowed at any time and may result in expulsion from Camp Ammon!


  • Sleeping Bag, Pillow & Blanket
  • Shaving Kit (Males)
  • Several Pairs of Shoes (Athletic, Dress, Casual, Sandals)
  • Boy Scout Shorts (if brought, must have proper socks & belt)
  • Casual Clothing for Off-Duty
  • Time Jacket, Sweatshirt
  • Raingear – Sturdy Raincoat or Rain Suit
  • Sunglasses & Sunscreen
  • Toiletries (Soap, Toothbrush, Hairbrush, Shampoo, etc.)
  • Shower & Beach Towels & Washcloths
  • Flashlight
  • Watch
  • Hairdryer, Shower Shoes
  • Sturdy Footlocker & Padlock/Combination Lock
  • Sewing Kit & Lint Brush
  • Uniform Pants, Jeans, Shorts
  • Laundry Bag & Hangers
  • Undergarments, Socks, Pajamas & Swimwear


To accompany our uniform shirt and cap, participants can utilize personal clothing in the following manner:

Uniform bottoms can include; darker colored or khaki dress pants, Boy Scout slacks/shorts or appropriate shorts or skirts (for females). While in uniform, any item with belt loops must have a belt. Uniform shorts for females must be of appropriate length (minimum length is half way between the knee and hip) and be loose enough to sit comfortably and walk easily. BLUE JEANS, GYM SHORTS or ATHLETIC WEAR are not acceptable for uniform dress. Clothing with rips, tears, stains,offensive or inappropriate language, phrases or designs is not permitted. Again, many duty assignments will include contact with State Fair and Governmental Officials, PLEASE bring clothing and footwear that will be appropriate for these types of duties. For duty, bring more than one pair of clean, appropriate, comfortable shoes.
This list is only a guideline. Please use good judgment when packing and contact us with any questions regarding gear.
Don't forget to bring your medical form to Camp, if it has not been submitted in advance. It is required when you check in!


Camp Ammon is a youth oriented service camp. In addition to the important responsibilities given to our participants, we provide frequent opportunities for free time and socializing.
Good Scouting behavior is not an option, it is a requirement!
In the event that a participant’s disciplinary issues cause a disruption to our program, we reserve the right to terminate that participation, with no refund of fees. In the unfortunate event that someone is sent home, parents/guardians will be contacted immediately.

This information is general in nature and is based on information available at the time of printing. Certain items may be subject to change.
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