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Trip to Discovery World

The highlight of the Youngtimers, BSA October meeting was a visit to Discovery World as invited guests.  About 20 members discovered the many programs that Discovery World presents to assist the Webelos Scouts and the Boy Scouts in their advancement programs.  They were also privileged to visit the various training laboratories which are not open to viewing by the general public.

In the Fall Program, they offer five Webelos Scout Activity Badges: Scientist, Geologist, Engineer, Communication and Traveler.  There are 17 Boy Scout Merit Badge offerings: Architecture, Chemistry, Computers, Electricity, Electronics, Energy, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Graphic Arts, Invention, Nuclear Science, Oceanography, Photography, Radio, Robotics, Weather and Soil & Water.

Discovery World also offers two-hour sails aboard the SN Dennis Sullivan and Scout Sleepovers for Crime Scene Investigation.

A NEW program that you might be unaware of is the Scout Satellite Program.  This is a program in which Discovery World will come to the units and present some of the badges.  At the present time, the Webelos Scout Activity Badges are Engineer, Scientist and Geologist.  The Boy Scout Merit Badge workshops are Electronics, Weather, Chemistry, Engineer and Electricity.

If you are interested in any of these Scouting programs, Scout leaders must make proper contact with the Scouting Coordinator at Discovery World to ascertain the procedure(s) regarding registration, scheduling, fees, etc. at (414) 765-8625.

They Are At It Again

The Youngtimers and the MAC group formed a team of 12 for a two-day adventure to restore the Indian Mound Scout Reservation dining hall and family room back to its natural beauteous condition.  The cob webs were torn from their hiding places and the spiders were chased from the building.  The windows were made again to be seen through and the burnt flies were cleaned out of the light fixtures.  The dust in the corners was more than could be found in a mummy’s pocket, but a pail and a mop took care of that.  The team had purchased and donated a floor scrubber that looks like the back end of a small hippo, but does a wonderful job of removing the old floor finish, grimy dirt and old memories.  After the floor was cleaned, it was dried, resealed and a shiny finish applied.  It looks like a dance floor!  Just picture the little Webelos whirling around the floor in three quarter time.  Lunch was supplied by Joe Jesse, a dish he called “Casserole Surprise!”  The surprise was we all survived without medical assistance.

With time on their hands, the MAC group went on to remove the damaged roof and shingles from the south side of the Director’s Cabin and replaced it with nice new shiny shingles.  They will complete the job when funds become available, but at least for now, it will keep out the rain and snow.

The adventurers for the day were Dr. Sigh Farmer, Chuck Frailing, Fred Hahn, Craig Hasting, Ralph Heun, Joe Jesse, Bill Keck, Dave Loosen, Cary Merkl, Bill Schmitz, Roger Wilde and Fred Witty.


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