New New Order of the Arrow Lodge

To all Scoutmasters in the Heart of Milwaukee District…
I want to advise you of and share information on newly formed Kwana tho OA Lodge and the initiative to form "Chapters" within the Lodge. As many of you already know, the Polaris and Heart of Milwaukee Districts comprise one of 4 newly created lodge "Chapters".  While the goals of the chapters are evolving, we are initially focusing on:
  1. Coordination of elections to take place in January – March.
  2. Increasing communication with troops in the Chapter.
Bob Frick has agreed to become the initial Adult Chapter Adviser and he’s looking for both your feedback and questions that you may have regarding Order of the Arrow.
The goal is to have 100% of the troops in the Chapter hold elections and induct new members this winter.
How can you help?
  1. Designate a Scout that is currently an OA member to become the OA representative for the troop (this is one of the Eagle designated leadership positions).
  2. Designate an adult "guide" (yourself or someone else active in the troop) with whom Bob can include on communication and support the youth OA representative.
  3. Let Bob know if you have any ideas for Chapter events or opportunities for involvement.
Please feel free to reach out to Bob with any questions:
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