Gateway District Commissioners Corner

What can we, as commissioners, do to help the unit complete the charter renewal process?
We can ask the following questions:
  1. Does the unit use online rechartering? Online charter renewal provides a more accurate and efficient process.  Does your district need to hold online rechartering training? That’s a good place for the district commissioner staff to jump in and help organize, instruct, and even teach the course. What about a district charter renewal party?  How about a district roundtable on charter renewal?
  2. Does your unit have delinquent fees holding up charter renewal? Can the unit commissioner help collect those fees?
  3. Is the charter renewal process pending because direct contact leaders need Youth Protection training? Can the unit commissioner conduct the training for the unit leaders at the next unit meeting or unit committee meeting?
  4. Does the charter need certification signatures from the chartered organization or council?
  5. Is there another issue that is holding up the charter renewal process? The commissioner staff can help offer a solution to solve the problem. Don’t forget that the district commissioner staff has all the resources and support of the district committee. It is the district committee’s responsibility to set up the district for success and that means successful units!
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