I recently read a series of articles related to today’s job market and the prospects for the future. What receives careful attention in the media is the ‘skills gap’ related to available jobs, and the lack of technical skills those entering the job market currently possess.
What does not receive much attention, is the dearth of ‘soft skills’ of many entering the work force. Among these are: leadership experience; teamwork;  pride in achievement; the drive to work toward a carefully defined goal; poise and self-confidence; self-reliance and the knowledge that you can succeed only through hard work; basic manners and courtesy and an aggressive entrepreneurial spirit.
If you have been around Scouting for any time at all, then you recognize each of these skill sets as being key lessons the BSA program teaches.  Of course, we also stress faith, job and hobby exploration and basic life skills.  Men and women with character, who are servant leaders and can be trusted, are becoming harder to come by each year! Scouting is doing something about that.
The Boy Scouts of America has gone through some rough waters over the past year.  Many have become disenchanted, and our brand has certainly taken a beating!  However, the staff/volunteer partnership we enjoy in Three Harbors Council has remained strong, vigilant and aggressive in providing the best possible Scouting program to as many kids and families as possible.
The Council is growing, is sound financially, and will continue to succeed in the future.  I take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy New Year, and to thank you for your service to the youth of our community.  You are making a significant impact on their lives, and by doing so keeping our society strong and vibrant.  Keep up the great servant leadership, and let’s charge into the New Year with enthusiasm, bravery and a sense of mission.
It is my honor to serve with you in Scouting,


Ed Brandon
Scout Executive/CEO
Supreme Chief of the Fire


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