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Nationally, the COD started in 1999 in a council near Chicago, Illinois.  The goal of the COD is to bring together the desire to be a servant leader in the community and to promote Venturing. The Corps of Discovery is modeled after Lewis and Clark’s expedition to find a passage to the Pacific. Many members of that first COD were the same ages as Ventures are today, journeying into the unknown, being driven by a desire to explore and to learn new things and to serve our nation.

It’s hard to tell how large the modern day movement is because the Corps of Discovery is not fully approved by the Boy Scouts of America yet, but with approval of the Three Harbors Council Scout Executive, Ed Brandon, the fort was formed in 2010 after a bus load of Ventures from Wisconsin attended the first national Venture Jamboree in St Louis.  Induction can only be performed by current members of the Corps; and their next service project will be at Safe Halloween at Indian Mound Scout Reservation this fall, at which time they can have another induction ceremony, see you then!

Past Corps of Discovery events include:

  • Whitnall Park clean-up (2012)
  • Bender Park clean-up and elevated walkway build (2012, 2013)
    • For more photos from the Corps of Discovery Bender Park event, visit the Three Harbors Council Venturing Facebook page
  • Safe Halloween (2012, 2013)

For more information on joining Corps of Discovery, contact Vince Tripi, Three Harbors COD Director.

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