Lodge Leadership Development

Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) is an annual training event for members of the Order of the Arrow.  LLD is open to ALL Arrowmen, even if they are not on the Lodge Executive Committee (LEC).

The LLD conference features training sessions geared toward leading an OA lodge, communicating effectively, and promoting the OA at the unit level and beyond.  Training sessions vary from year to year, so it is beneficial to attend multiple conferences to learn more about the Order of the Arrow. 

2015 Lodge Leadership Development Conference

The 2015 LLD conference is TENTATIVELY set for October 23-25 at Camp Oh-Da-Ko-Ta.  Please check back here for more information closer to the event.

LLD Materials

Below are several training resources from past LLD conferences:

Chain of Command/Grievances

Communicating from Within Kanwa tho Lodge

Effective Use of Technology

Event Planning


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