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Friday's Doubleknot News - Vol 101 

Webinar Video for New Doubleknot Admins Posted

The video of the webinar held yesterday is now available in our video library.  In the webinar we discussed basic event registration setup and management, permissions, as well as financial accounts.  If you missed the webinar, please log in and check it out under Training videos.

Summer Camp Review

Summer Camp your most critical event is coming up!  Make sure your events are optimized to provide the best user experience.  Take us up on Summer camp reviews by emailing or contacting Doubleknot.  We are here to help when you need it!

Tip of the Week: Display Current Date

Use the form item type Display Current Date to cut off t-shirt sales before your event is closed for registration.  Many events include t-shirt sales on forms that need to be disabled before registration closes so the shirt orders can be placed.  Instead of closing the registration use the item type "Display current date" on page one of your form. On your t-shirt order page use page conditions such as; If group 1: answer to "date is less than 4/1/2013.  This will disable the t-shirt order page after 3/31/2013, but allow you to keep the event open for registration.

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