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Thank you for agreeing to help educate the youth of our community, by serving as a career speaker. This framework will help you conduct a successful and meaningful presentation. Thanks for helping to build our future and for all that you do for kids!

Career speakers help students make the connection between how their education and planning correlates with what they will experience in their future career. Your participation allows students to see what it takes to be successful and reinforces the value of education in achieving career goals. While constructing your presentation we suggest the following process:

Work with your Learning for Life representative as a resource for preparation
Tailor your presentation to your audience
Use visual aids, handouts, sample products and hands-on activities that are age-appropriate and will add pizzazz
Promote the difference that education and social skills play in the today’s workplace
Provide feedback of the presentation to your Learning for Life


Career Speaker Presentation Points of Interest
Introduction and Overview of Your Career Field

• Nature of position
• Example of typical workday
• Hours and working conditions
• Working contacts, prestige, and social values
• Equipment, tools, and materials used


Requirements in the Career Field

• Training, education, or experience
• Licensing
• Unions or Professional affiliations
• Personal qualifications/characteristics


Earnings and Promotions in the Career Field

• Beginning level and steps of advancement
• Average increase rate
• Opportunities for transfers or promotions


Earnings and Promotions in the Career Field

• Beginning level and steps of advancement
• Average increase rate
• Opportunities for transfers or promotions


Trend and Opportunities

• Equal opportunity
• Employment outlook
• How to get your foot in the door
• Related jobs for which this has prepared you


Steps to Take Right Now to Prepare for the Job

• Take relevant school courses
• Send applications to the most advantageous schools or colleges
• Select major fields of study
• Acquire experience through related summer job
• Work as a volunteer
• Join clubs, organizations, affiliations that are advantageous
• Acquire helpful skills or general background knowledge
• Determine how to be “marketable”


Where to Find Further Information

• People or organizations willing to talk to students
• Companies to visit or tour
• Written literature or sources
• In-depth research resources
• Explorer posts specializing in this field


Character, Citizenship, Fitness

• Ethical issues that may be encountered on the job
• Value judgments that must be made
• Importance of integrity and honesty
• Importance of community involvement within the career
• Appropriate grooming for interviews and the work environment


Generate Discussion to Create Participation

• Ask open-ended questions that call for opinions or explanations
• Allow students time to think through their answers-a little creative silence is fine
• Provide hints or rephrase your questions to give more students a chance to answer
• Invite questions: All questions deserve an honest response - if you don’t know an answer or if a question is inappropriate, say so
• Be flexible and let discussions follow student’s interests,even if it means altering your agenda










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