North Shore Fire Department Explorer Post:               705                                           

Post Advisor FF. Jeremy Boehlke
Assoicate Advisor Explorer Captain Andrew A.
Youth Leader President Explorer Captain Andrew A.
Meeting Location North Shore Fire Department 4401 W. River Lane (Station 81) Brown Deer, WI
Meeting Dates / Times    Every other Wednesday of the Month at 6:00pm
Email Address / Phone:  or 414-526-9928
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Oak Creek Fire Dept Explorer Post# 1848
Post Advisor     FF. Aaron Kolosovsky
Associate Advisor FF. Jesse Teichmiller, FF. Ian Perry, FF. David Nass and FF. Adam Livingston
Youth Leader President Josh C.
Meeting location Oak Creek Fire Department Station 3 7000 S 6th Street Oak Creek, WI 53154
Meeting Dates / Times Every other Sunday 2pm - 4pm
E-mail Address / Phone: or 414-491-1253
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Training to prevent harm, provide care and protect each other.


Hales Corners Fire Department Explorer Post #                                                                       615
Post Advisor  Lieutenant Wes Guajardo
Associate Advisor Deputy Chief Martin Freibergs
Youth Leader President  
Meeting Location Hales Corners Fire Department 10000 W. Forest Home Ave, Hales Corners, WI 
Email Address / Phone 
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Somers Fire & Rescue# 463
Post Advisor  Captain Scott Schoenfeld
Associate Advisor  Captain Aaron Strom
Youth Leader President  Kyle L.
Meeting Location  Station 1 7511 12th Street Somers, WI 
Email Address / Phone or 262-859-2277 
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Three Harbors Council, Learning for Life, 330 South 84th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53214, 414-774-1776
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