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2021 National Scout Jamboree

2021 National Scout Jamboree
The Summit Bechtel Reserve
Beckley, WV, US
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Winter 2020
  1. Accept youth applications—with $200 deposits.
  2. Recruit additional young men to fill two Troops (72 Scouts) and establish a waiting list.
  3. Recruit additional young women to fill at least ¼ Troop (8-9 Scouts) and establish a waiting list.
  4. Accept adult leadership applications.
Spring/Summer 2020
  1. Committee makes adult leader appointments.
  2. Committee and adult leaders continue planning.
Fall 2020
  1. Full contingent meets for briefing.
  2. Youth participants express their preferences for unit assignments.
  3. Youth participants indicate their interests in unit leadership positions.
  4. Youth participants are assigned to units.
  5. Adult leaders interview and select youth leaders for their units.
  6. Scouts are assigned to Patrols.
Winter 2020-21
  1. Unit meetings begin.
  2. Patrols elect their Patrol Leaders.
Spring 2021
  1. Unit meetings continue.
  2. All contingent members participate in mandatory Shakedown event.
Summer 2021
  1. Final meetings for all contingent members and their parents.
  2. Contingent leaves by bus early on July 20 for Dayton, Ohio.
  3. Contingent leaves Dayton for the Summit early on July 21.
  4. National Jamboree for 9½ days (July 21 to July 30).
  5. Contingent returns late in the evening of July 30.
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