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Gateway District

Gateway District primarily serves Kenosha County east of Interstate 94.



Important Dates to Remember

Roundtable is the First Thursday of every month (September through May) at 7pm at St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

District Committee Meetings are the Second Thursday of every month (September through May at Gateway Technical College.

District Commissioner Meetings are the Second Thursday of every month (September through May) at Gateway Technical College.


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Chairman's Corner

Gateway District Chairman Brian Boehm

Dear Three Harbors Council and Gateway District family,

A very special time in my life came to an end Saturday during an Eagle Court of Honor. Here are some quick numbers to a very special Scout patrol that is now aging out. Seven Scouts...all LIFE Scouts, FOUR became EAGLE Scouts!


2,300: Amount of service hours these seven Scouts gave to the community in road cleanup, triathlon volunteering, Order of the Arrow Cheerful Service, High Adventure

service projects, and four very special Eagle Scout projects.

14,000: That is the amount of laundry in pounds the Pine Tree Patrol shared with their moms over the years.

1,100: Collective total of nights camping that these seven Scouts spent in the great outdoors, enjoying each other’s company and all the wonderful opportunities that Scouting has to offer.

223 : Amount of dirty socks that never made it back home due to family safety concerns.

97 : That is the amount of fishing lures Mr. Kruse had to untangle or lost helping these seven Scouts during summer camp fishing.

43 : No,that is not the amount of times Mr. Carlson taught the first-aid Merit Badge to Scouts, that is the amount of times he performed first-aid on these seven Scouts!!!

34: That is the collective total of High Adventures trips these seven Scouts and their parents went on. (20 for Scouts / 14 for Adults)

27: That is the number of bottles of Aleve and Ibuprofen I personally took to survive these trips with these seven Scouts over the past seven years. I will be seeing my doctor on Monday to check my liver. (Mr. Kreuser affectionately calls one...Vitamin I)

7: That is how many of these seven Scouts made it to Life Scout. I am very proud of all seven. I too am a Life for Life Scout.  Seven is also the number of Triple Crowns achieved with this Pine Tree patrol family. (4-Scouts / 3-Adults)

4: That is how many of these seven Scouts achieved Scouting’s highest rank...Eagle Scout. Tremendous achievement!

1: There is only ONE Pine Tree Patrol...you Scouts are the best!

11: That is the amount of times Mr. Woller condemned / quarantined their smelly tents for health reasons. These seven Scouts learned how to sleep under the stars...literally.

0: Zero...That is the amount of days I regret being with these seven Scouts and their families. It has been my privilege and honor to share in their personal growth and life experiences over these years in Boy Scouts. I learned so much from you Nathan, Brad, Ben, Jacob, Alec, Karl and Trevor.... I thank you so much!


All in the Scouting Spirit!

Proud former Scoutmaster - Troop 544, Pleasant Prairie, WI

Mr. Boehm - Gateway District Chairman


Commissioner's Corner

Gateway District Commissioner Tim Vaccaro


Why Recognize Commissioners?

It’s a fair question: Is there really any value to be gained from recognizing commissioners?  And there’s probably a related question: Do commissioners even care about recognition?  Recognition has been a fundamental concept in Scouting from its beginning. Done right, it’s a powerful tool that offers at least four benefits:

1. Celebration of Achievement and Commitment

Probably the first benefit to come to mind, recognition does offer the opportunity to acknowledge individual achievements. Equally important for commissioners, and beginning with the commission they receive, it demonstrates the commitment they have made to help our units serve more kids better.

2. Definition

In Scouting, we know (or can easily find out) what it means to achieve the Arrow of Light Award, or the Eagle Scout rank, or the Quartermaster Award, or the Silver Award, or the Award of Excellence in Unit Service.  The definition of requirements that Scouting recognitions provide not only tells us what has been accomplished but also facilitates personal and team goal setting.

3. Skill Development

Learning and skill development are an important byproduct of recognition. Even receiving their commission results from newly appointed commissioners having completed basic training, received an orientation to the role they have accepted, and completed some of the fundamental tasks that position requires. With more advanced recognition comes increased experience and the development of advanced skills that enable greater effectiveness in supporting units.

4. Inspiration

We’re inspired by achievement. Seeing what others have accomplished enables us to see greater potential in ourselves and to strive to fulfill it.

Knots, pins, patches, and certificates may not be important to all commissioners, but serving more kids better is. Also, what we say to them in acknowledging their achievement can have a powerful impact—on them and on other commissioners present (and we should always strive to recognize achievements publicly).

The recognitions available to commissioners help define the skills and experience needed to provide effective unit service.  And that’s why we’re working on revisions to commissioner recognitions: to ensure they incorporate the tools and techniques that our units need in Scouting’s second century. Changes to the Commissioners website will make it easier to learn about those recognitions, track progress, and provide tangible appreciation.

There is real value in recognizing commissioners: Done right, it helps us help more units better serve more kids, and that’s what unit service is all about.




Pinewood Derby

This year’s District Pinewood Derby was again hosted by Pack 422 at the Kenosha Moose lodge in Kenosha. Despite being on the first beautiful Saturday and over Mother’s Day weekend we had about three dozen racers in attendance. It was a wonderful success, with each driver needing to pass a vision test, and make a test (food) car. Everyone did a great job racing; and there were some very creative entrances!  We had a fabulous pit stop concession stand, with walking tacos, hot dog, chili cheese dogs, nachos, chips, candy, soda and dilly bars and an assortment of amazing baked goods. Thank you to the Scout leaders and parents of Pack 422 for their time and effort they put forward to making this such a wonderful event  for our Scouts and  community.


Fall Recruitment

Gateway Cub Scouters, we will be having a Fall Recruitment Kick-Off on August 12th at 6:30 pm at Gateway Technical College, room 120.  This kick-off will include information on our fall recruitment campaign and how to best recruit Cub Scouts.  We will also be discussing the District-wide Cub Scout Join-Us Night on September 16th, so make sure there is at least one representative (preferably more) to get all the info!




Lately we have seen a lower monthly attendance rate at our Roundtable meetings.  As we kick off a new school year of Scouting in September, it is vitally important that your unit has a representative at Roundtable meetings, and as Cub Scout leaders, it’s even more important to get all of your Den leaders there!

Roundtable is a GREAT resource for all units in the council, big or small, from Cub Scouting all the way through Sea Scouting.  At every roundtable you will be provided with important information outlining District and Council Events, as well as get a lesson or an activity to help you grow as a leader and to make your unit stronger. 

Roundtable is held the first Thursday of each month, September through May at 7:00 p.m. at St. Mary’s Catholic Church on the corner of 39th Ave and 75th St.

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