Owen Myers             
Polaris District Executive
Three Harbors Council, BSA
330 South 84th Street     
Milwaukee, WI 53214-1468

Direct: (414) 443-2862
Cell: (217) 621-3574
Fax: (414) 774-0342
Kenosha Office: (262) 632-1655

Direct Responsibilities:
Owen Myers is serving the Polaris District Executive as of September 1, 2018.  Owen recently graduated Carthage College with a BA in Political Science.  He has a strong Scouting background from the Prairielands Council in Champaign IL. 
Personal Background:

Owen is an Eagle Scout, worked as Ecology Director at Camp Drake, Lodge Chief of the Illini OA Lodge, and vigil member to name a few.  In addition, Owen serves in U.S. Army Reserves as a Human Resources Specialist for the 236th Inland Cargo Transfer Company.

Three Harbors Council, Boy Scouts of America  I  330 South 84th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53214-1468