Lodge Awards and Honors

Below is a list of all recipients of awards bestowed by Kanwa tho Lodge, Order of the Arrow.
The year listed is the year for which the award was bestowed. The awards are presented at the banquet in January of the following year.


Outstanding Arrowman Award

Awarded to a youth Arrowman who has given extraordinary service to Kanwa tho Lodge.
2013 - Tyler Victory
2014 - Tyler Gerds
2015 - Dylan Jensen
2016 - Sean T. Waiss


Super Scouter Award

Awarded to an adult Arrowman who has gone above and beyond in his or her duties in service to Kanwa tho Lodge.
2013 - Kyle Kaczmarek
2014 - Robert Frick
2015 - Sean A. Waiss
2016 - Richard Rognsvoog


Founder's Award

The Founder's Award recognizes Arrowmen who have given outstanding service to their lodge. The award is reserved for an Arrowman who demonstrates that he or she personifies the spirit of selfless service, as advocated by founder E. Urner Goodman and cofounder Carroll A. Edson.
2013 - Clayton Zortman, Sean A. Waiss, John Donahue
2014 - Sean T. Waiss, Ken Walton, Vicki Dubis
2015 - Tyler Gerds, Tyler Victory, David Mokros
2016 - Dean Busalacchi, Graeme Gross, Steven Gerds


James E. West Fellowship

The James E. West Fellowship is designed to regognize gifts of $1,000 or more to the local council's endowment fund. Kanwa tho Lodge donates each year in the name of two Arrowman who have shown unselfish service to the lodge.
2013 - Sean T. Waiss, Dave Mokros
2014 - Ricky Carrillo, Terri Best
2015 - Mitchell Russ, Graeme Gross
2016 - Jylan Jensen, Daniel Gross, Fr. Mark Carr, S.J.


Vigil Honor

Alertness to the needs of others is the mark of the Vigil Honor. It calls for an individual with an unusual awareness of the possibilities within each situation.
The Vigil Honor is the highest honor that the Order of the Arrow can bestow upon its members for service to lodge, council and Scouting. Membership cannot be won by a person's conscious endeavors.
The Vigil Honor is a high mark of distinction and recognition reserved for those Arrowmen who, by reason of exceptional service, personal effort and unselfish interest, have made distinguished contributions beyond the immediate responsibilities of their position of office to the lodge, the Order of the Arrow, the Scouting community and/or Scout camp.
Jonah Freuler
Colten Greenhill
Daniel Gross
Graeme Gross
Tony Langoehr
Kathy Milas
Matthew Murdaugh
Robert Polivka
Richard Rognsvoog
Rhett Suhre
Terry Williams
Zachary Blohm
Joseph Bonow
Thomas Bonow
Dean Busalacchi
Michael Cohoon
Dominic Gemignani
Steven Gerds
Kenneth Heitmann
Richard Polivka
James Reeder II
Mitchell Russ
Thomas Zamba


Tim Aikens
Brian Boehm
Tyler Gerds
Susan Idzikowski
Matthew Jacob
Dylan Jensen
Kenny Kostuch
Jeremy Laffin
Zachary Raetzman
Frank Russ
Paul Scheidt
Rober Scheidt
Pat Upton
Ricky Carrillo
Shawn Engelke
Robert Frick
Daniel Fullmer
Robert Garrett
Cari Hush
Sean Marshall
Kathleen Myszewski
Dylan Scharding
Parker Schimler
William Sherry
Scott Skowronski
Sean Waiss
Sean T. Waiss
Bradley Woller


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